White Wolf Fian

Order of the White Wolf Fian

The Order of the White Wolf Fian is a challenge order for the arts and sciences in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, within the Society for Creative Anachronism. There is no badge, and membership does not convey any rank.

 The aim of the Order is to encourage artisans to increase their knowledge and skills through continuous challenges of at least intermediate difficulty, but which are a personal challenge to the person seeking to join the order. Challenges can build on one another, or challengers can take up a new challenge area.

The Queen is patroness of the Order.

 Challenges are made, tested and accepted at royal events. Members of the Fian will make themselves available to consider challenges at least four times during the year: Crown Tournaments, Murder Melee and Feast of the Hare. 

Challengers must communicate with members of the Order before making their challenge in Court. This can be done on the day of the event, but we encourage potential challengers to make contact in advance, so that there will be an opportunity to understand the proposed challenge, consider modifications, and agree on wording for the challenge to be made.

Challengers normally have up to one year to complete their challenge. However, they can challenge for a shorter period if they wish. If necessary, they can also seek an extension of up to one year, with justification. If the deadline passes without being completed or extended, the challenge is considered forfeit. Some modifications to the original challenge can be negotiated, but significant changes are considered to be a new challenge, and the original will be forfeit.

When the challenger feels their challenge is complete, they must meet with as many members of the Fian as possible to present the results of their labours. If the Order considers the challenge to have been met, they make a recommendation to the Queen, who will have the challenger called up in court to present their completed work and be admitted to the Order.

Members remain part of the Order for three years, after which they must challenge in again to retain their place in the Fian.

The Order wants challengers to succeed. Please read the FAQ section to see the kinds of questions you will be asked, so you can prepare yourself for the challenge.


History of the White Wolf Fian Membership 

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - 12th Night in Bastille du Lac, 1998 - set of Viking Norse dress accessories (naalbinding socks, mittens and hat, punchwork dress brooches, silver toiletry set, bone tweezers)

Nicolaa Bracton - 1998 - 12th C clothing

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - Autocrat's Day Off 2000 - Bone comb and case

Helen of Greyfells - 1999? - 14th C gown patterned after those in the Museum of London book

Anne Grey - 2002? - research of modal music and writing a song

Aelfwyn of Langenwuda - 2002?- reliquary box

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - Coronation? in Rising Waters, likely 2004 - Merovingian reliquary belt buckle in bone

Stephin Armstrang - Coronation? in Rising Waters, likely 2004 - Vinking Norse belt buckle in antler

Anne Grey - 2005? - Sonnet research and writing sonnets

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - Baron's Howe, 2006 - tool box filled with carving tools

Augustine - Baron's Howe, 2007 - tool box filled with tools

Aibhilin - 2009? - set of fencing garb

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - Feast of the Hare,  2010 - Merovingian brooch

Lucia d' Enzinas - Feast of the Hare, 2010 dagmar the 1st was princess, - Dryet's Dry Dinner research paper

Marina Anastasia Ozeroski -  Crown Tourney May 2011 - Late Period Ukrainian meal

Eluned verch Angor - Feast of the Hare 2011 - Stinging Nettles

Catherine Townson - Feast of the Hare 2012 - Norse Garb from Handwoven Fabrics

Bethoc ingen MaelFechin - Trillium War 2012 - 14thC Medicinal Garden + three products

Medb ingen Dúngaile - FOOL 2012 - Irish "air filtre" hat

Alienor la Fileuse - FOOL 2013 - Fleece to Finished Brocaded Band

Lucia d'Enzinas - 2nd challenge - Fall Coronation 2013 -  Cameos project

Marguerite Gingraix - Fall Coronation 2013 - Period Pigments and Tools

Anne of Saffron Walden - Fall A&S 2013- medieval bleaching of linen 

Jéhanne de Bretagne - Spring Crown Tournament 2014 - Hand sewn silk bliaut

Orla O'Shanahan - Trillium War 2014-  Make waxes and bellows and cast viking brooches & belt end, in a pit firing.  

Alais de Poitiers - Kingdom A&S 2015 - 15th century French Shepherdess - Clothing, houlette and research paper.


Not completed

Azalais de Montvert- Challenged at Murder Melee 2013 - translate four troubadour pieces into English while sticking as closely to the original rhyme scheme as possible, write music if necessary, memorize and perform in public

Sciath ingen Chaennaig - Challenged at Murder Melee 2013 - champleve chasse


 In Progress

Emelote of Calais - Challanged at Fall A&S 2013 (in progress) - GermanBlackwork and Goldwork Embroidered Goldhaube and Feathered Red Baret

Dietrich von Sachsen - Challenged at Septentrian 11th Night 2014 (in progress) - 13th Century Military Lance

Kaðlín of Harrowgate Heath - Challenged at Practicum 2014 - Replica Bone Strap End (From York) Completed but not presented to Crown yet.

Medb ingen Dúngaile - Re-challenged at FOOL 2014 - Pair of embellished gauntlets

Einar - Challenged at Pennsic 2014 -Build a functional pole lathe for creating wooden bowls, plates & cups.

Eluned verch Angor - Re-Challenged at Baron's Howe 2014 - Reproduction set of women's dress accessories including toiletry kit, zoomorphic pin and composite comb all of bone/antler.

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - re-challenged at Feast of the Hare 2014 - sausage research and production (with a side of beer and sauerkraut, if possible)

Kat Mountague di sant'Elena - Challenged at Feast of the Bear 2014 - to produce samples of wisteria textile

Marina Anastasia Ozerokov - re-challenged at Coronation April 2015 - build a 15th century embroidery frame and supporting trestles

Lucia de Moranza - Challenged at Trillium War 2015 - 16th century Needle lace flag fan

Jane Caldwell - Challenged at Trillium War 2015 - 16th century bobbin lace samples